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  • The Blushing Bride


    The day has finally arrived – the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl dressing up in your moms old wedding gown, gleaming into the distance and thinking of prince charming and your fairy tale wedding. We are sure your hubby-to-be is the best thing ever, but he probably doesn’t have the smoothness of The Little Mermaid‘s Eric, or the long blonde locks of Pocahontus’ John Smith.


    When you were little, it’s almost inevitable that you pictured yourself in a Cinderella-type dress. No matter what type of bride you are now, we all found our inspiration in Cinderella’s sparkling ball gown and elegant up-do. But is this the correct look for you?


    If you counted all the girls that you’ve pinky-promised could be one of your bridesmaids over the years it will probably be a long, long list. Just imagine how hectic the bridesmaid dress shopping would be.


    Today putting all of that together might sound like a daunting task. Chameleon Image Institute is made up of a very special team of people who are committed to finding that perfect dress. If you are not yet sure of the silhouette style that will suit your body type, which is one of the fundamental steps to finding the perfect dress, Chameleon institute has a world of experience in eliminating all the silhouettes, shades of whites, creams or pale pinks that won’t bring out the magic of your individuality, to refine the selection of dresses down to those that would accentuate everything that is beautiful about you instead!

    Even finding the right shoes is enough to have you tearing out your hair, we all know the feeling! Just choosing an ordinary pair of shoes out of the many you may love for everyday life is tough enough, but for your wedding day?

    We will assist you every step of the way to find your perfect dress, hairstyle and/or accessories for your special day.

    A wide selection of bridal services are available including those for the bride, mother-of-the bride, mother-of-the groom, bridesmaids, and the groom.



    • For the bride who wants to look stunning without the stress.
    • Create the perfect dress for your personality, body type and style.
    • Design the groom and bridal party attire to accentuate your look.
    • bridal shopping with your favorite ladies.
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