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  • Just like Cinderella

    Full Make Over


    The Full Makeover Package includes:

    • Creating your unique brand
    • Style Personality questionnaire
    • Understanding your style personality
    • The psychology of colour
    • The aspects of various colour categories
    • Individual colour analysis
    • Building your wardrobe with your unique colour chart
    • Hair colour, make up and accessories for your complexion
    • Face shape analysis

    The Full Makeover Package includes:

    • Correct hair styles, eye wear and accessories for your unique face shape
    • Figure analysis
    • The art of illusion dressing
    • Correct style choices
    • The art of colour to flatter a figure
    • The art of spotlights
    • Colour balance
    • Capsule and wardrobe planning
    • Shopping advice to transform your wardrobe on a budget


    Duration full makeover
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