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  • Brand Your Employees

    How we can help


    Chameleon Image institute has over 15 years’ experience in individual and employee branding. Our motto is:

    Is your employee image, culture and environment consistent of what your brand stand for?

    You as a company can spend countless resources developing and promoting your brand to current and potential customers but this will all be in vain if you do not cultivate a culture where your employees are advocates of what you stand for. The only way  they can successfully do this is to understand hat is expected of them when it comes to how they dress, how they conduct them self in and outside of the workplace in face to face interactions and especially on social media platforms.

    Chameleon Image institute has a formula that has proven successful with small, medium and large organisations to transform employee branding and increase employee motivation. this process however is not a quick and easy solution as many would hope. Our team does an in-depth company analysis, interview various stake holders, analyse your brand and marketing avenues and write a comprehensive employee guideline that compliment your brand and will send out a unified message from the CEO to frontline employees.


    We also belief that without a careful, planned approach to execution, strategic goals cannot be attained.

    We deliver a full day training to each level of your organisation on brand image strategy and implementation. This is well facilitated and planned to ensure minimum loss of productivity in your teams.


    We also learned that a well-executed plan has to be measured through monitoring and evaluation. We evaluate your team over a 3, 6 and 12 month period and give you a full report on what the impact of the implementation was. The pitfalls as well as an action plan to ensure maximum impact.



    We would love to hear from you. Program costing is determined based on the size and specific need of each company. Please contact us for further information.

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