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  • Branding Specialist

    Become a Branding Specialist


    At Chameleon image institute we believe that life evolves, job descriptions and roles change and we need to stay ahead with latest technologies and industry advancements to give our students a competitive edge and the best possible chance to succeed in their new career venture. We threw out the old image consulting techniques, terms and curriculum and created a whole new and exciting program for our personal branding specialists.

    As a personal branding specialist you will be able to assist individuals young and old, scholars or professionals in identifying their unique brand identity. Having a personal brand identity allows a professional to show the world what he or she is all about on all spectrum of daily life, social media, social events and face to face interactions.

    By identifying and creating a personal brand for someone you will use specific techniques and guidelines that has been developed by top image consultants, corporate trainers, social media experts and fashionistas to create the brand that compliments your clients ca personality, lifestyle and career goals

    This is a new age course that steers far beyond traditional image consulting. This course encapsulates all aspects that forms a person’s individual brand from dress code, colour, body, accessories, skin type, personal grooming to the fine art of conducting themselves, etiquette, non-verbal communication, do’s and don’ts for social interaction, social media presence and attending important functions, Business communication as well as their unique email and WhatsApp signature.


    You will be able to create a blue print for each individual where they will be able to converse the same message from their first impression face to face to digital communication and workplace representation. This is a unique course that is not offered anywhere else in South Africa. Trained by professionals and endorsed by an accredited private college Retail school of Excellence.

    This course is a comprehensive course that will provide you with all the information, tools, books and solutions to enable you to start your own branding consulting business from the day you complete the course.



    Module 1

    Brand identification techniques

    What is personal brand

    The aspects that make up an individual’s personal brand

    The pitfalls that can harm one’s personal brand

    You will receive: Manual, digital templates and questionnaires which can be branding with your own business logo

    Module 2

    Style Personality Analysis

    Style Personality questionnaire

    Understanding your style personality

    Working with their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage

    What is it.

    How to identify it.

    How to use it to create an individual brand image.

    You will receive: Manual, digital templates and questionnaires which can be branding with your own business logo

    Module 3


    The psychology of colour.

    The aspects of various colour categories.

    Individual colour analysis

    You will receive: Manual, colour charts,  digital templates and questionnaires which can be branded with your own business logo


    Module 4

    Understand and identify different face shapes

    Hair styles for each unique face shape.

    Eye wear and Accessories for each unique face shape.

    You will receive: Manual, Face Shape analysis template, Hair and accessory chart for each  unique face shape.

    Module 5

    Skin care and make up

    Advanced skin analysis

    Home care and advance skin treatments, chemical peels, acne

    Make up techniques, bridal make up, day and special occasion make up

    Eye brow shaping

    Lash and brow tinting

    You will receive: Basic make-up and lash kit

    Module 6

    Figure analysis

    The art of illusion dressing

    Correct style choices

    The art of colour to flatter a figure

    The art of spotlights

    Colour balance

    You will receive: Manual, Clothing Lists, Figure Analysis charts, Client Forms.

    Module 7

    Dress levels

    Industry specific dress codes

    Power dressing

    Dressing for public speaking and creating the correct tone for an audience

    You will receive: Manual.

    Module 8

    Wardrobe planning

    Capsule building

    Personal shopping

    Money saving techniques for a power wardrobe

    You will Receive: Capsule Planning Templates.

    Module 9

    The world and your brand identity

    Your social media brand

    Your brand in the workplace

    Your brand in social networking

    Your brand in the your daily role as mother, sister, employee, scholar

    You will receive: Manual.

    Module 10

    Communication skills

    Verbal and non- verbal communication

    Business and Social Etiquette

    Selling yourself

    Module 11

    New Venture creation and Entrepreneurship

    Business finance

    Business operations

    Marketing and sales


    Setting up your website – WordPress

    Social media marketing

    2019 Course Days:

    27 May – 11 June 2019

    12 August – 13 September 2019

    Classes will be every Monday – Friday from 8 Am – 5 Pm at the Institute in Spice Route Paarl.

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